Just Thinking...

What a Beautiful Day!!!

I've seen many changes throughout my career as a photographer.

It's always been important to me to "Capture That Moment" in time.

I always felt that I had a God Given Talent for capturing memories.

I always felt that I was responsible to be behind the camera so in the

future I could relive those memories.

I still feel the same way when capturing Special times in peoples lives

no matter what the event is.

At this time in our history almost everyone in the world can capture those

precious moments because of the digital age we live in.

I sometimes feel threatened by the technology and the ones that use it.

I have to constantly remind myself that although a casual user may get

a couple of great shots out of hundreds they take it's a Professional Photographer

that is consistently creating awesome images for his or her client and that

is why I am Proud to call myself a Professional Photographer in every sense of the word.

Through His Will,


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